LED light engineering from KLB

KLB is active across Europe and offers innovative solutions for lighting in businesses and public facilities with a focus on economic and ecological sustainability, as well as compatibility with people and the environment.

KLB sees itself as a partner in LED technology

This includes needs and cost analysis as well as corresponding solutions for the creation of the selected lighting design, including installation and maintenance. In addition to this, our wider range of services includes specific financing models and individual solutions for lamp design.

KLB has gained competitive advantage through many years of experience in the design, development and implementation as well as professional installation of LED light technology, combined with a quality management concept that guarantees exceptional reliability. Light is a greatly significant and fundamental agent of productivity, as only with optimal lighting can effective services be rendered in the modern world of work. This applies in office and production buildings as well as for safety on the streets in public places.

In terms of effective and pioneering lighting, every approach for the future touches on the new LED technology. It is the only optimal solution for the necessary replacement of conventional lighting. Its development is currently striding ahead at a great pace as a wide variety of advantages speak in favour of the use of LED technology.

KLB is specifically dedicated to this pioneering and effective lighting technology and has ensured very early investment in comprehensive expertise in this area.

Our many years of close cooperation with leading producers guarantees a reliable and high level of quality that satisfies to the greatest extent current the industry norms and standards as well as the required specifications and test criteria. Corresponding certifications guarantee the high quality standard and document the reliability of LED technology.

KLB's wider range of services includes optimal structuring of the buying process and professional installation and maintenance of lighting technology.

LED - the light of the future

LED lamps are markedly superior to all other lighting technologies. Alongside energy saving that is many times that of conventional lamps, and their extremely long life, the LED is also an environmentally friendly solution with low carbon emissions.

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Light as an agent of productivity

We absorb around 80 percent of information with the eyes and therefore visual perception is the most important function in the world of work. Poor visual conditions lower productivity and can lead to mistakes and accidents.

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LED Lamps

LED lamps have a variety of types and applications:

  • Existing lamps being updated with LED technology - retrofit
  • Specially designed lamps for LED fixtures
  • LED lighting elements integrated into the architecture
  • LEDs as devices for application in industry, machines, cars etc.

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LED and the environment

The lifespan, efficiency and high light quality of LEDs are greatly superior to conventional lamps. The age of the light bulb that translates 95 percent of its output into heat is over.

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